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Nada's story...

Nada is one of the youngest human rights activists. Her story began when she was only 11 years old in 2013. She was supposed to be married off to an older man. However, she refused to become the victim of child marriage and told her story to the world. Although she faced many challenges and disappointments, she never gave up.

Nada’s determination to keep fighting is something Stella van Leyden highly supports. Therefore, Stella van Leyden committed to support Nada’s fund to help young girls like Nada all over the world against the crime of child marriage. A little girl should never fear for her childhood to be taken away to become a bride. No little girl should be forced to sacrifice her innocence and submitted to violence and no woman of any age shall be submitted to any kind of psychological and physical violence.

‘If you want to reach success,
first follow your heart.’

Maria Cristina Spano

Our story...

The women that choose a clothing item from Stella van Leyden are powerful women. Not only from the financial point of view, but especially those women who are powerful on the inside.

They are ambitious, they want to get somewhere and they are definitely not satisfied very easily. Simply, the type of women that are following their dreams and don’t let anybody get into the way of that. 

‘My heart is with women who want to improve their life.’ ‘My goal is to help as many girls as we can with Stella van Leyden and to spread our own message as well.’


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