"If you want to reach success,
first follow your heart."

The Brand

Sometimes thoughts sneak into your mind as if they were always meant to be. A group of successful, fashionable and lionhearted women came together and thanks to their experience and enthusiasm Stella van Leyden was born. Our goal is to support women all over the world to strengthen their inner power starting from the look. The perfect outfit for the highest level of self esteem!

Stella van Leyden is fair trade, she commits to support women in the Middle-East and Africa and she protects animals by producing cruelty free garments only.

Together with a group of powerful and wise women, Maria Cristina Spano, an Italian aerospace engineer from Italy started her own fashion brand: Stella van Leyden. ‘Stella used to be my nickname when I was young and the company is founded in Leiden, Netherlands. Leyden with the ‘y’  letter instead of the ‘i’ recalls the ancient medieval name of the wonderful dutch city.’ The core values behind Stella are passion, power and ambition. ‘I know there is a small group of women who identify themselves with the message I want to deliver to the world.

‘Find your path and follow it!’

It may sound as a cliché, but it is something I strongly believe in.’ The women that choose a clothing item from Stella van Leyden are powerful women. Not only from the financial point of view, but especially those women who are powerful on the inside.

They are ambitious, they want to get somewhere and they are definitely not satisfied very easily. Simply, the type of women that are following their dreams and don’t let anybody get into the way of that.

An inspiring example is Nada Al-Ahdal. Nada is one of the youngest human rights activists. Her story began when she was only 11 years old in 2013. She was supposed to be married off to an older man. However, she refused to become the victim of child marriage and told her story to the world. Although she faced many challenges and disappointments, she never gave up. Nada’s determination to keep fighting is something Stella van Leyden highly supports.

‘If you want to reach success, first follow your heart.’

‘My heart is with women who are aware of their inner divine power and are fully conscious of it.’ ‘My goal is to spread the message that in order to become successful and maintain that reached success, women have to stop the competition among each other, gaher together and support each other in reaching their individual business and personal goals, For Stella van Leyden, the action that comes with this message is the commitment to financially support Nada Al-Ahdal fundation.